• We provide in-house (fones.co.za) warranty certificates only for ALL devices purchased from us.
  • Our warranty terms in most equal that of most manufacturer warranties.

Warranty terms

Fones.co.za Device Warranty Policy

The following Warranty Policy applies to products sold by Fones.co.za in South Africa only. In the event where performance failure occurs from normal use during the warranty period, Fones.co.za will provide warranty repair services free of charge.

In Warranty Quality Commitments

1. Provide brand new components/parts for all repaired devices.

2. All repairs or replacements are entitled to the warranty period of the initial purchased date or 3 months from the repaired date. Warranty period is Twelve(12) months.

3. If repaired device returns with fault, new part will be placed, and new 3 months warranty will be given.

In Warranty Information and Principles

1. Valid proof of purchase needs to be kept and required to present when claiming warranty.

2. In-box accessories such as User Guide, earphones and Warranty Information booklet are not covered under warranty.

3. Fones.co.za reserves the right to object a replacement request if the cause of malfunction and/or abnormality of the device is due to    accessories such as protective cover, screen protector etc.

4. All faulty parts retrieved from warranty repairs belong to Fones.o.za.

Non-Eligible Warranty Criteria (Out-of-Warranty)

All device assessed to have physical damage or related cause will not be covered under warranty. However, can be repaired with a service fee:

1. Out of Warranty repair (passed 12 months warranty).

2. Failed to provide Proof of Purchase and assessed to be outside of warranty criteria

3. Warranty commitment released by an individual who is not the purchaser.

4. Damage and distress caused by improper use such as dropping device, liquid damage, force pressure etc.

5. Damage and distress caused by external forces (flood, fire, thunder, earthquake, transport accident).

6. Failure to use and maintain the product according to the instructions that lead to damage or malfunction, such as use under extreme temperatures, use of non-brand-aligned accessories, etc.

7. Device wear and tear. This includes frontal display, back cover, physical buttons, etc.

8. Device dissembled, repaired and rooted by unauthorized Fones.co.za repairer.

Precautions and Backup Reminder prior to sending device for repair

1. Please provide a scanned copy of this document when enquiring for warranty repair.

2. For the respect of customer’s privacy, Fones.co.za recommends customers to backup all data (if possible) and delete prior to sending the device to Fones.co.za. Fones.co.za is not obligated to assist with backup or restoration any customer’s data. Fones.co.za will not be held responsible for data related matters including data loss or disclosure of data.

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