Is Google releasing Android 12 soon? Latest beta hits 'platform stability'

Is Google releasing Android 12 soon? Latest beta hits ‘platform stability’

Google might be mere days or weeks away from officially rolling out Android 12, its next major update to the Android mobile operating system.

The companyhas  released the fourth beta of Android 12. It lacks any major new features, but it has reached platform stability, which is an important step that suggests development of the OS is nearing completion. Google said in March it was hoping to hit platform stability in August, and that the last public beta would release in August. Add it all up, and an official Android 12 release could happen this month or perhaps soon.

Let’s also not forget that, although Google recently offered the first official details about the Pixel 6, the company is also getting ready to release the Pixel 5a this summer. Leaks suggest the phone will be a revamped Pixel 4a 5G, and Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech even believes Google will release the budget-friendly device on 26 August 2021 for $450. Google itself said the Pixel 5a “will be available later this year in the US and Japan”.

Honestly, it would make sense for Google to line up a hardware launch with the official rollout of Android 12 this summer. But only time will tell.

Image by Google; Article Credit: Maggie Tillman; Pocket-lint

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